The Mental Health Care Guide to COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention

Dear Students, Faculty, and Colleagues:

  Are you feeling stressed out and having mood swing caused by the recent COVID-19 epidemic?

  When we face a life threatening situation, the feeling of anxiety is a natural response. A moderate amount of anxiety and a sense of crisis, in fact, is a state of alertness to push us taking proactive actions and prompt us to have the will to look for safety and self-protection in order to counter the uneased situations. During this period, if we can accept and well utilize these feelings of unease with the following method, it will help us through the stress of the epidemic period.

  1. Understand and accept your own anxiety.

  2. Obtain correct epidemic information, try to avoid overexposure to negative news and rumors. You may join Taiwan Centers for Diseases Control’s Line Official Account: Search for “@taiwancdc”.

  3. Adopt proper prevention measures by referring to the relevant information via the university’s dedicated page:

  4. Care about yourself, family members, and friends with encouragement.

Please pay attention to your own physical and mental state, seek professional assistance if the following conditions occur for more than two weeks.

  1. Muscles are too intense to relax.

  2. Dysautonomia such as palpitations, dizziness, abdominal upset, and night sweat.

  3. Overly vigilant such as insomnia, irritability, and distraction.

  4. A panic attack such as sudden terror, hyperventilation, weak, tremor, and palpitation.

  5. Severe depression.

If you require a company to talk about your concern during the epidemic prevention period, there are resources listed as the following:

  1. Teacher Chang Counseling Hotline: 1980

  2. Ministry of Health and Welfare Counseling Hotline: 1925

  3. Ministry of Health and Welfare Communicable Disease Reporting and Consultation Hotline: 1922

  4. Counseling Center, Office of Student Affair: (02)2732-1104 Ext. 85111-85116


  enlightened The counseling center will provide consultations via telephone for individuals in home isolation, home quarantine, and in self-health management.

  enlightened Please wear a mask when entering the counseling center, counselors and individuals will wear masks during the entire individual counseling sessions.

  enlightened Feel free to use the alcohol prepared for hand sanitation in the counseling center’s office.


NTUE Counseling Center of Office of Student Affair cares about you.